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Siskin Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is the only group practice to offer comprehensive physiatry services in an outpatient setting in the Chattanooga area. PM&R is a medical specialty comprised of board-certified physicians who provide nonsurgical rehabilitation and pain management for a variety of conditions.

Our on-site, physiatrists oversee and develop all of our care plans. They strive to combine an encouraging environment with individualized treatment and multiple schools of thought to ensure your optimal progress.


Brain injury management

Our range of brain injury care includes a physiatrist to oversee the treatment plan in addition to physical, speech and occupational therapists. Learn more.

Cancer rehabilitation

Our doctors develop a treatment strategy that aims to restore functionality loss due to cancer or cancer treatments, using a blend of pain-reducing care and therapies.

Cerebral palsy rehabilitation

Using multidisciplinary options, our care plans treat conditions and complications associated with cerebral palsy, including but not limited to: joint and muscle contractures, deformities, hip dysplasia, chronic pain, speech impairment and other issues.

Electromyography – EMG

This is a diagnostic procedure we use to measure and assess muscle and nerve health, in addition to nerve-to-muscle signal transmission. Learn more.

Epidural steroid injections (ESI)

Relieve swelling and inflammation, reducing nerve pressure and pain. This can be an effective pain reliever for lower back pain in some patients.

Hyperhidrosis management

Our physicians develop care plans and therapy treatments to address symptoms associated with hyperhidrosis.

Impaired mobility management

By synchronizing physical rehabilitation, balance control and coping technique education, patients gain confidence to accomplish many tasks that seemed impossible before. Results vary depending on the severity of immobility.

Migraine management

Reduce downtime and improve productivity by using botulinum toxin injections to relieve pain associated with migraines. Learn more.

Neurological rehabilitation

Designed to treat those living with diseases, injuries or disorders that affect the nervous system, our program helps improve an individual’s self-care, mobility, communication and cognitive skills.

Osteoporosis management

Our osteoporosis-focused physicians help patients restore bone strength, movement and overall functionality. Learn more.

Post stroke management

Our team creates an individualized care plan for patients after a stroke, adjusting the level of care throughout all phases of their recovery. Learn more.

Spasticity Management

There are several treatment options for managing the severity of spasticity. Our physicians can create a personalized treatment regimen to reduce the effects of spasticity. Learn more.

Spinal cord injury management

With the goal of maximizing mobility and independence, our care plans reduce pain to help patients recover.

Stroke management

We help patients adopt healthy lifestyles to reduce their risk of stroke.

Our physicians work closely with referring specialists, primary care providers and patient support systems to establish individualized and comprehensive care plans that move the patient to better healing. We accept most insurances and allow both self and doctor referrals for most of our services.

We will need permission to view your medical records to design the best treatment plan for you. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Please call your insurance provider for more information.

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