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Our continuum of care pathway combines up-to-date information with a personalized treatment plan dedicated to improving your quality of life. Often in modern medicine, we work to slow or stop a specific disease process. The good news is osteoporosis can actually be reversed. This means that you can build new bone, strengthen existing bone and reduce the risk of fracture and other ill effects. Our goal is to prevent the negative impact that osteoporosis can have on you and your family. Studies show that 12 months after a hip fracture, only 50 percent of patients have re-gained their previous level of movement and independence. Studies also show that for those patients who were hospitalized for a hip fracture, at 12 months past the injury only three percent were actually receiving treatment for osteoporosis, which is critical to prevent future fractures.

All care plans are developed and overseen by one of our on-site, board-certified physiatrists. The Physiatrist works directly with one of our Advanced Practice Providers (APP), which includes our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. They have received specialized training in the care and treatment of osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is a condition that affects your bones. Bone becomes weak due to an imbalance between the bone-building cells and the bone removing0cells, whereby too much bone is removed. This creates cavities in the bone, resulting in an appearance similar to Swiss cheese. This decreases bone density, resulting in bone weakness and increasing your risk for serious fractures or breaks.

Our physician specializing in Osteoporosis Management will perform a comprehensive evaluation, ordering appropriate imaging studies and labs to see if you have osteoporosis or if you’re at risk. Certain common medications increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. There are various lifestyle choices that can impact the risk of osteoporosis. Throughout the process, we will discuss any risk factors that may be reduced with minor lifestyle changes.

Regain some or all of your mobility

Once the physician has a thorough understanding of how osteoporosis is affecting you, you’ll receive an individualized care plan developed around your experience with the condition.

Osteoporosis care plans may include:

  • a referral to one of our trusted partners for physical therapy; this could include a referral to a physical therapist close to home
  • medications
  • home exercises
  • lifestyle and/or dietary modifications

Patients who see the highest degree of success choose to fully commit to the care plan mutually agreed upon with the medical care team.

Learn the most advanced techniques to combat symptoms

Our osteoporosis-focused, on-site Advanced Practice Providers oversee follow-up care plans, keeping participants on track and motivated.

Osteoporosis Center of Excellence

  • We accept referrals for evaluation and treatment of osteoporosis
  • We accept referrals for treatment of osteoporosis once the diagnosis has been confirmed
  • We accept referrals for Prolia® (denosumab) injections (Due to current insurance constraints beyond our control, we are not able to offer this injection to patients with Medicare/Medicaid coverage)
  • We are glad to work with your provider at the level they prefer, from evaluation and treatment to only a Prolia® (denosumab) injection every six months

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